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American Eagle Outfitters Builds Personalized, Holistic Customer Journeys with Next-Gen POS Tech

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) has implemented new technology to help build more personalized and integrated customer journeys that define competitive retail today and, more specifically, reduce transaction processing times. 

In its journey for seamless customer experiences, AEO’s leadership knew its legacy POS system wasn’t equipped to handle today’s fast-paced demands and need for scalability. Outdated legacy systems also meant ‘disconnected channels,’ or silos of data that weren’t talking to each other, crippling the omnichannel experience. AEO set goals to remove these silos and centralize the way their customers shop. This provided them with greater insights into customers’ shopping preferences and habits, whether it be online or at a physical retail store.

When bad (or missing) data costs retailers some $3.1 trillion per year, according to IBM, data silos will continue to be a major challenge if not addressed. 

AEO’s commitment as a “customer-first company” drove them to explore POS solutions to help them better serve customers and employees. In a statement by Susan Eshleman, SVP—Product Management and Technology Strategy at AEO, she expressed “Every decision we make is centered around delivering exceptional products, services, and experiences.”

She went on to explain that the company’s partnership with Jumpmind offered greater flexibility for both traditional and mobile POS, with an emphasis on a seamless end-user experience.

It’s yet another in a recent string of major retail-tech partnerships as the race to digitally transform operations continues to heat up.

Today’s competitive retail environment makes hyper-personalized, frictionless, and digitally powered shopping experiences a norm for the modern-day consumer. To do this, retailers need to unify and eliminate data silos to surface a single, accessible stream of understandable consumer data to facilitate omnichannel shopping journeys.

Recent data suggests most retailers already know this, but may not always see the path forward: 80% of retailers believe their digital strategy needs transformation, 88% of senior retail leaders feel digital transformation is essential, and 56% of CEOs argue digital improvements mean revenue growth, period. 

Getting there can feel like a journey all its own, as can keeping up with the rapid pace of tech development in the solutions space, making partnerships a critical element to success. As a recent presentation by Coresight Research highlighted, finding that ‘right’ partner means win-win relationships, new growth opportunities, and organizational evolution for the retailer. 

That’s why American Eagle Outfitters’ initiative to create a mobile, cloud-enabled in-store solution for its stores and well-recognized brands is a smart strategic move, focusing on one of customers’ most critical and oft-reported pain points: long queues at checkout. 

Continued Eshleman, “Jumpmind’s commitment to service and the development of flexible solutions to meet each of our store’s unique needs has been integral in the successful launch of this important customer touchpoint.”

In another announcement statement by Joe Corbin, President and CEO of Jumpmind, he praised AEO’s industry leadership and reputation for excellent products and service. 

“With Jumpmind Commerce, AEOs in-store teams will be better able to serve customers where they are and provide differentiated experiences while also empowering AEO with a technology platform that will support further enhancement of ever-changing customer journeys,” continued Corbin. 

With a focused understanding of business objectives, AEO was able to seek out a solution that met all its needs for a scalable, accessible, and globally operating POS system. This new system could be rolled out to all stores globally while tracking every single shipment and purchase inside and outside those stores.

Following a trial on a single iPad in a single pilot store, AEO expanded to 20 stores just before the 2022 holiday shopping season. It was then that AEO saw its new investment pay off with a significant increase in transactions as lines moved at a rate of roughly one transaction per minute. 

It’s a classic example of adapting to the times in challenging retail environments, and a testament to the value of taking time to identify the right partner for the right job. With those partnerships in hand, retailers can know they have a strong foundation for the future.