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The State of RFID

Top retail influencer Tony D’Onofrio recently published an RFID-focused article that highlights the leisurely rise of the Internet-of-Things technology and reveals why today’s biggest brands are excited about its potential. 

From what I have personally seen in working with major global retailers deploying RFID, this Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology continues to have digital transformation possibilities,” D’Onofrio writes.  

The article is a follow up to his 2018 RFID-focused article titled “Keeping Physical Retail In-Stock,” which concluded that speedy checkouts and well-stocked products are the two “most relevant components of positive customer experiences in physical stores.” 

D’Onofrio notes that, in the 2018 RIS Store Experience Study, RFID was listed dead last for growth in spending in emerging technologies. One year later and RFID has jumped from a mere 1.3 percent to 20 percent.  

D’Onofrio does point out that the leap is likely caused by the study’s recategorization of RFID technology to appear bundled with smart shelves and computer vision.

But despite last year’s low numbers, brands like Nike and Lululemon have highlighted the importance of RFID implementation within recent earnings calls.  

Nike being the latest major brand implementing RFID is a positive harbinger for the future of this technology,” D’Onofrio writes.  

To read Tony D’Onofrio’s full article, and to stay updated on all his latest work, visit www.tonydonofrio.com.