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By: RETHINK Retail
On April 16, 2023, fans can dive into the STARBURST® JUICYVERSE and create their own digital art at TheMall.io

TheMall.io Launches Starburst Juicyverse at SXSW 2023!

TheMall.io, the world’s largest virtual shopping mall, has teamed up with Mars to launch the Starburst Juicyverse, a vibrant and colorful metaverse filled with fruit-inspired characters and designs, in collaboration with MetaVRse and BambuMeta® Web3 Loyalty.

The new addition to TheMall.io’s virtual shopping experience was unveiled at SXSW 2023, and features a range of exclusive merchandise and limited edition t-shirt NFTs.

The collaboration with Mars, the maker of the popular Starburst candy, adds an exciting twist to the Juicyverse, bringing the brand’s colorful and fruity imagery to life.

“Through our STARBURST JUICYVERSE, we hope to inspire moments of everyday happiness and deliver an exciting, immersive way for fans to experience the STARBURST brand,” said Ro Cheng, Marketing Director, Mars.

“By teaming up with TheMall for this project, we were able to bring our innovative vision to life through a first-ever virtual experience for the brand.”

TheMall.io and Bambumeta are helping open the world of virtual commerce, providing users with a unique shopping experience that combines blockchain technology and innovative design.

The Starburst Juicyverse hopes to become a popular destination for users looking for fun and immersive experiences online.