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By: RETHINK Retail

Top Retail Influencers for 2023 Awarded by RETHINK Retail

The annual list recognizes leaders at the forefront of the retail industry.

RETHINK Retail is honored to announce the recipients of the 2023 Top Retail Influencers Award. Sponsored by Microsoft, the award recognizes academics, analysts, association leaders, industry experts, and media members who are at the forefront of retail industry thought leadership. 

Awardees are featured on our website, listed alphabetically in no particular rank, here

“We are excited to release the next class of the Top Retail Influencers community and feature their expertise across thought leadership initiatives this year. The influencers have been selected from nominations spanning geographies and industry specialties—and their insights expand our knowledge and push the retail industry to innovate and thrive”, says Natalie Arana, RETHINK Retail’s Director of Brand Marketing & Communities.

Narrowing down from over 600 nominations, 200 influencers are awarded after a hand-pick selection process by RETHINK Retail’s team and advisors. This list of the top experts in commerce brings together the most innovative individuals pioneering industry and leading in media engagement. From on-stage speaking engagements at large-scale events such as NRF and Shoptalk to on-air media ranging from CNBC to BBC, you will find the Top Retail Influencers at the forefront of thought leadership. 

“With such a rapidly changing retail landscape, retailers have to be on the ball to deliver the experiences that meet their customers’ needs and innovative digital transformation is key to that,” states Carlton Dossman, Vice President, U.S. Retail & Consumer Goods, Microsoft. “Microsoft remains focused on helping retailers infuse technology into key parts of their business to build resilience and ultimately achieve ongoing success. We are excited to sponsor this Top Influencer program and engage with the community on this journey.”

RETHINK Retail’s Top Retail Influencer award is more than a title. By receiving this honor, the awardees are welcomed into the globally recognized Top Retail Influencer community– connecting them to a collective of executives with insights and influence on the current state and future trajectory of the retail landscape through the sister community of Global Retail Leaders.

“There is a point in your career when you realize that your ability to build on your success is bigger than the company you work for, and the TRI community is one way to do that,” noted Ron Thurston, Author of RETAIL PRIDE, Host of the RETAIL IN AMERICA Podcast, and RETHINK Retail’s ‘Biggest Influencer’ of 2022. “There is an incredible spirit of collaboration and support among this group of very successful people, rooted in authentic connections and an understanding that the retail industry is highly complex and requires expertise in dozens of areas.”

To commemorate their influence in this industry, awardees will receive the digital honorary badge to display on their website and social media profiles. Members will also be honored in person at the “RETHINK Retail Bash” on Monday, January 16, 2023 in New York City during NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show.

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