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Driving high-touch, retailer engagement with licensing and events.


as many qualified RSVPs from brands and retailers as compared to previous years.


of those registered attended the event, and over 1 in 4 were driven by RETHINK Retail.

Licensed Magazine

Commercetools licensed the rights to RETHINK Retail’s Connected Spaces, a 100-page print magazine published in 2019. Its sales teams cut through the “noise” by gifting the magazine to leads at retail conferences — creating tangible and memorable impressions despite operating in a digital solution space.


The commerce company partnered with Valtech to sponsor a RETHINK Retail dinner at the largest global retailing conference: NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show. The event was well attended and surpassed expectations, with 2X as many qualified RSVPs as ever before. RETHINK Retail helped promote the dinner through social and email campaigns, a custom promotional video and personal outreach by its editors. They sourced two NYC-based retail executives to speak on the four-person panel alongside sponsor panelists.

RETAIL Rethink Guest Interview

Event Promotional Video

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