Algoretail - RETHINK Retail


Efficiency in every aspect of your business.

Algoretail is a technology provider that brings innovation to the
world of retail and offers groundbreaking methods for managing
inventory and shelves. With Algoretail, the change is felt in every
aspect – from shelf appearance, product quality, management of
orders according to forecasted demand and sales trends, to an
actual more efficient workers – all in Real Time.

From the the stockroom to the shelf and shopping cart, we believe
that an efficient and profitable management is one that favors
numbers over guesswork and automation over speculation.

* Fully stocked shelves, neat aisles and an organized stockroom
* Optimal quality of goods based on ‘best before’ dates, and reduction of waste
* Stock balance – No overstocking and never out-of-stock
* Dynamic planogram that’s constantly updated in real time

Algoretail optimizes processes in your store in real time, from the receipt of goods and stockroom management to shelf-stocking, while making adjustments according to inventory, demand and sales.

The optimization processes organize and structure the work of shelf-stockers and stockroom workers, which in turn improves shelf management and overall appearance, making stocking more organized, efficient and accurate.

Algoretail’s solution Increases profit margin by improving OSA (On-shelf Availability), bettering the workers’ productivity and reducing waste.

Number of employees:
11-50 employees
Analytics, Business Intelligence, Employee Management, Order Management, Product Management, Purchase Order Management, Retail Management Software, Returns Management
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