Anagog - RETHINK Retail


Anagog assists companies to better know their customers while providing them with unmatched privacy control. JedAI by Anagog can help companies provide highly personalized, contextual services and experiences to their customers by interpreting smartphone sensor data into insights, i.e., consumer behavior, lifestyle, journey and prediction of what they are likely to do next — all in real-time. JedAI Edge-AI develops these insights in the company’s’ app, on the phone itself, so no private data leaves the phone without the customer’s permission.

Simply put, Anagog can help companies deliver greater and smarter consumer data and insights to craft the most tailored consumer experience possible.

Number of employees:
11-50 employees
Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Geolocation, Privacy, Edge-AI, Hyper-Personalization
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