Quorso - RETHINK Retail


A new era for store management: Agile. Simple. Human.

Quorso simplifies your data into 3 top-priority daily actions (we call them ‘Missions’) for every store, guaranteed to engage teams, increase Sales, and drive KPIs. Then helps teams to launch their Missions, measures the impact, and scales the ones that work.

Most retail management tools either analyze and visualize data for the center (BI), or give task checklists to store teams for compliance (Task Management).

Only Quorso does it all. First, it crunches and simplifies your data into 3 top-priority, daily Missions actions for every store. Then it helps store teams launch and complete their Missions, at the same time tracking the impact of each one and automatically scaling the Missions that work across the business.

Our tool is focused on making managers into rock stars and, by doing that, improving business performance (Sales, Costs, and other KPIs), so everyone wins. It is also quick, easy, and even fun to use, with inbuilt leaderboards and rewards for work well done.

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