Grocery Trends 2021: The Call for Essential Adaptability - RETHINK Retail

Grocery Trends 2021:
The Call for Essential Adaptability



A RETHINK Retail exclusive report on the significant changes in the world of grocery

Featuring insights from thought leaders and experts: John Orr, Teemu Kurri, Ethan Chernofsky, Stewart Samuel, Steve Dresser, Kristin Schepici, Paulo Farroco, Adriano Mourão, Dariush Mozaffarian, Matthew Walker, Paul Stefaniuk, Jason Hart, Linda Findley Kozlowski, Abhi Ramesh and the late Sir Ken Morrison.

Download to get the scoop on:

  • What service almost 75% of consumers are still eager to utilize as the pandemic fades out?
  • How over 70% of customers’ food habits have changed and what grocers are doing to accommodate it?
  • Why 65% of grocery shoppers are experiencing longer wait times, and how to combat this issue?
  • How grocery executives rank their top 7 challenges?


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About the Report

Delve into the grocery industry at a crucial point in its history. One of the most essential businesses during the pandemic, grocery stores had to rapidly adapt like never before, and RETHINK Retail is looking at every facet of these adjustments and what they mean moving forward. From customer behavior to employee experience to technological innovations, we took a deep dive into how 2020 changed the grocery game forever.

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