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RETHINK Retail’s Global Retail Leaders (GRL) is a private, invite-only community of senior individuals leading vision and transformation at the world’s top retail companies and the trajectory of the retail industry as a whole. GRL members are supported throughout their career journeys through industry networking and thought leadership collaboration opportunities.

As the home of the Top Retail Influencers (TRI), RETHINK Retail—a global leader in retail news and thought leadership—succeeds at shaping and supporting global communities of executives in the retail landscape. A destination for executive-led insights into transformative industry trends and innovations, RETHINK Retail provides GRL members with a variety of opportunities for career development, promotion of their expertise, and expansion of their networks and reach:

  • Exclusive access to GRL community for networking, friendships, and career advancement
  • Private events, dinners and forums to hear and discuss top-of-mind challenges and opportunities with peers
  • Host/guest interview opportunities on the award-winning RETHINK Retail podcast channel to meet and engage with other top executives
  • Platform to highlight industry knowledge—as a highly-regarded expert, we facilitate GRL members’ desire spread the knowledge, mentor and educate the next generation
  • Promote your retail companies’ initiatives — with GRL launch we are dedicating content series to highlight the companies members represent
  • Connect and collaborate with leading events around the world through RETHINK Retail’s media partnerships
  • Personal introductions to other top retail decision-makers and industry thought leaders in RETHINK Retail’s network outside of GRL and TRI communities

Submit your nomination to RETHINK Retail’s Global Retail Leaders

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Submit your nomination to RETHINK Retail’s Global Retail Leaders

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for GRL?

  • GRL members are senior-level individuals at top retail companies all over the world. They are decision-makers who are active leaders of today and of the future retail landscape–both online and in-person.

What are GRL Chapters? Can I join multiple Chapters?

  • Chapters are divisions within GRL which ensure you see the content you want and provide the opportunity to be featured in that content. You can join multiple chapters to receive the topics you’re most interested in. We will offer various chapters, with sample topics that may be covered ranging from data insights and logistics to customer journey and workforce empowerment.

Are there limitations by region?

  • As a global community, GRL represents retailers worldwide. 

How will being a part of GRL support me?

  • We offer GRL members the opportunity for career development, sharing their expertise, and expanding their network. Members have exclusive access to the GRL community, are invited to private virtual and in-person events and forums, have mentorship opportunities and get personal introductions to top retail voices in the TRI community. RETHINK Retail dedicates a content series that focuses on the companies which members represent, and GRL members are invited to host or guest interview on our RETHINK Retail podcast channel. 

I represent retail innovation in another capacity. Is GRL right for me?

  • Vendors, consultants, analysts, academics, and members of the media may be interested in being part of our Top Retail Influencers. TRI is a community of thought leaders making an impact in retail. Learn more here.