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Accelerated Retail: Store Associate Empowerment

It’s time for another episode of Accelerated Retail, our podcast mini-series in collaboration with Microsoft, where we delve into the innovative strategies driving today’s leading brands. Tune in as we take a closer look at the transformative impact of cloud technologies, unveiling the secrets behind the triumphs of both retail giants and e-commerce innovators!

Having the right tools available to frontline workers so they can quickly access training and information about products is super critical.” – Jeff Strasser, General Manager Collaboration, Generative AI, Communications & Devices, US Retail & Consumer Goods at Microsoft.

Featuring Top Retail Experts, Liza Amlani, Sandeep Unni, Steve Dennis, and April Sabral, together with Microsoft’s Expert, Jeff Strasser, Shelly Bransten, and Jose Luis Ortiz, this fourth and final episode will explores the transformation of retail through the utilization of cloud-powered technology and the empowerment of store associates. 

As the retail industry faces the challenges of employee training, engagement, and retention, investing in the right technology and techniques becomes crucial. Benefiting from AI technologies and other analytics tools can help employees automate tasks, improve inventory accuracy, and access trainings, ultimately empowering them to become more productive.

In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • Optimization of employee training and store operation using AI and cloud technologies.
  • Right tools to enhance the store associates experience in creating more satisfied customers.
  • The importance of single integrated cloud in streamlining the employee daily workflow.

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