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Beatrice Mac Cabe, CCO at Vera Bradley

Our guest today is Beatrice Mac Cabe.

Beatrice is the Chief Creative Officer at Vera Bradley, where she oversees the brand’s product design and works closely with both the product development and technical design teams.

Prior to joining Vera Bradley, Ms. Mac Cabe served as Vice President and Chief Creative Director at Fossil, where she directed the design process for lifestyle categories.

Beatrice also served as a Design and Merchandising Director for JC Penney and a Creative Director at Vince Camuto.

Join us as Beatrice reveals what it was like working for major European fashion houses, how Vera Bradley maintains its iconic brand essence, and how the retailer is turning trash into treasure with innovative fabrics made from plastic bottles.

Episode 99 of the RETHINK Retail Podcast was recorded on August, 21. 2020 


Hosted by Julia Raymond
Researched, written and produced by Gabriella Bock
Edited by Trenton Waller