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Christine Chang & Sarah Lee, Founders of Glow Recipe

In this episode of RETHINK Retail, host Gabriella Bock sits down with Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, founders of skincare sensation Glow Recipe.

With backgrounds in both beauty and business, Sarah and Christine have revolutionized the skincare industry with their innovative approach to natural and effective skincare products. Their brand, Glow Recipe, has become synonymous with the glow skin skincare craze and has garnered a loyal following of beauty enthusiasts around the world.

Christine and Sarah’s commitment to empowering women to feel confident in their skin has made Glow Recipe a trailblazer in the industry and a force to be reckoned with.

Listen in as Christine and Sarah share their story of the early days of the company and the media tactics they leveraged to fast track their brand into a household name in just three months.

Sarah and Christine also share their advice for brands aiming to remain authentic in everything they do as well as how they leveraged beauty influencers and snowmobiles to test their latest skincare product and kickoff one of 2023’s most viral beauty campaigns.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the fascinating origins and unique philosophy behind Glow Recipe’s success in skincare.
  • Comprehend the essential role of transparency, value, and community for building a successful brand.
  • Uncover innovative and versatile skincare products catering to modern consumers’ needs.
  • Tap into the potential of technology and social media to take your brand to new heights.
  • Navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship while staying laser-focused on your brand vision.

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Host: Gabriella Bock
Produced by Gabriella Bock
Research by Maggie Schwenn