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Crafting a Winning Media Narrative – with Kieran Powell, Executive VP of Channel V Media

Imagine stumbling into a world you know nothing about and finding wild success. That’s exactly what happened to Kieran Powell when he helped a tech CEO raise $1.2 million in a week without even knowing what PR was. From there, he discovered the power of storytelling in generating media attention and became an expert in creating awareness for retail technology companies.

In this episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast, host Gabriella Bock sits down with Kieran Powell, executive vice president of Channel V Media, a leading PR firm for retail tech companies.

During their conversation, Kieran reveals why many retail tech startups struggle capture the attention of media and potential clients and highlights how adopting a strategic approach to PR and brand awareness can set companies apart from competitors, particularly when it comes to exhibiting at large trade show events.

In a bid to help retail tech startups amplify their brand’s voice and presence at trade events, RETHINK Retail and Channel V Media have teamed up to introduce the Retail Awareness Accelerator. This comprehensive PR and media package aims to assist tech companies in maximizing their visibility and reach before, during, and after major trade events.

The initiative starts with NRF 2024, and the program will provide companies with essential tools to engage industry professionals effectively. By utilizing the power of PR, brand identity, and innovative marketing strategies, the Retail Awareness Accelerator is designed to enable participating companies to stand out among the competition and achieve successful outcomes at trade show events.

Learn more about Retail’s Awareness Accelerator: channelvmedia.com/expertise/public…ess-accelerator/

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