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Cristina Marinucci, Global Head of Shopper – Insights & Analytics at Mondelēz

Top Retail Influencer Alex Baker hosts Cristina Marinucci, the Global Head of Shopper Insights & Analytics at Mondelez. Cristina shares a strategy for achieving significant growth and profitability in retail by creating connected and authentic customer experiences. By shifting towards a hybrid approach and prioritizing customer experience and partnerships, businesses can foster individualized experiences and long-term loyalty. This approach leads to increased revenue, customer retention, and overall success in the grocery industry. The episode delves into the power of customer-centricity and partnership.

Cristina’s extensive background of experience in the FMCG industry taught her the importance of embracing a hybrid approach, prioritizing customer experience, and fostering strong partnerships. Traditional marketing and sales strategies are no longer sufficient. Cristina advocates for adaptability and innovation, leveraging AI and technology to automate basic tasks and focus on strategy and creativity. Her goal is to drive incremental growth and establish meaningful, lasting connections with shoppers.

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