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Dani Tan, VP of Digital Merchandising & Product Marketing at Authentic Brands

Recorded live from the show floor of The Lead Innovation Summit 2023, host Gabriella Bock sits down with Dani Tan, an accomplished woman in retail who turned opportunities into monumental victories.

Her journey covers over ten years in retail: a career she began as a sample coordinator and has now progressed to the role of Head of Digital Merchandising & Product Marketing at Authentic Brands.

Dani’s expertise across prestigious brands such as Juicy Couture, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Aéropostale is a testament of her finesse in the domain.

However, Dani’s achievements are not confined to her successful career alone. She is also an enthusiastic mentor whose passion for empowering fellow women in leadership is both laudable and inspiring.

Tune in to hear Dani’s advice for overcoming the confidence gap, how brands can harness customer data to personalize experiences and improve products, and why, yes you heard it right, #BlingIsBack.

Connect with Dani: https://www.danitan.com/

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Hosted & Produced by: Gabriella Bock
Research by: Maggie Schwenn