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Dara Meath, SVP, CTO of Build-A-Bear Workshop

Discover how Build-A-Bear Workshop is transforming the retail landscape through innovative technology in this insightful episode of the Rethink Retail podcast. Join Dara Meath, SVP and Chief Technology Officer at Build-A-Bear, and host, Casey Golden, CEO of Luxlock as she delves into the integration of cutting-edge technology within retail spaces to create immersive and memorable customer experiences.

Dara shares her journey in the tech space, leading to her role at one of the world’s most cherished brands. She discusses how her passion for technology and retail has driven significant advancements at Build-A-Bear, including the implementation of interactive displays and digital enhancements that captivate both children and adults alike.

This episode also covers how Build-A-Bear leverages technology not just to enhance in-store interactions but to forge deeper connections with customers. Dara explains the strategic use of touch and play technology, digital transformations, and personalized interactions that make every store visit unique.

Moreover, Dara provides insights into the future of retail technology at Build-A-Bear, emphasizing how the brand continually innovates to stay ahead of industry trends.

From using artificial intelligence to improve customer service to exploring augmented reality for product demonstrations, Build-A-Bear is setting the standard for a tech-driven retail experience that others aspire to.

Listen to the full conversation to learn more about how Build-A-Bear is not only keeping up with technological advancements but using them to enhance the magic of creating personalized stuffed animals.

Tune in now to gain valuable insights into how technology can transform retail into an engaging and joy-filled experience for every customer.

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Design and Written by Miranda Teyssier