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Deepak Jose, Global Head of One Demand Data & Analytics Solutions at Mars Wrigley

In this episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast, RETHINK Retail’s Chief Community Officer Kirat Anand sits down with Deepak Jose, Global Head of One Demand Data & Analytics Solutions at Mars Wrigley. Deepak’s expertise shines as he discusses the transformative power of AI in data analytics, emphasizing the importance of aligning data initiatives with specific business objectives. 

Deepak’s approach, guided by a commitment to core values, ensures that the direction of data and analytics is consistently shaped by business needs and facilitated by analytics capabilities. With a purpose-led culture at Mars Wrigley, discover how this approach not only drives success but fosters innovation. From responsible AI use to empowering professionals in the retail sector, Deepak’s wisdom provides a roadmap for mastering data discipline, optimizing analytics efforts and driving better business outcomes. Mars Wrigley’s triple bottom line philosophy is to prioritize people, organizations, and the planet.


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Hosted by Kirat Anand
Produced by Gabriella Bock
Research by Maggie Schwenn