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Diane Primo | Founder and CEO of Purpose Brand Agency

In this episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast, Gabriella Bock sits down with Diane Primo, Founder and CEO of Purpose Brand Agency, an award-winning, Chicago-based public relations, branding and digital marketing firm.

Diane is also the author of several books including the recently published, “ADAPT: Scaling Purpose in a Divisive World,” which provides a framework for mastering corporate purpose and offers readers guidance on how to achieve a more resilient and prosperous business.

During their conversation, Diane shares why retailers must cultivate a bias toward action, not just transaction before discussing how social media is shifting culture and enabling consumers to become their own microphones for the purposes they align with.

More about the guest:
Diane Primo is the only African-American female CEO of a purpose-driven communications agency. Diane’s focus on impact marketing stems from the belief that brands must be relevant, purpose-driven and committed to consumers to be successful today.

Diane built her agency on a storied career leading some of the top marketing organizations in the country including Quaker Oats, Ameritech and SBC.

You can purchase Diane’s book at purposebrand.com/books/adapt-book…-divisive-world/.

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