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Doug Zarkin, Fmr. CMO of Pearle Vision

This episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast was recorded live at the Lead Innovation Summit 2023.

In this episode, guest host Simeon Siegel sits down with Doug Zarkin, a marketing expert who has captivated the world of eyewear for over a decade through his previous role as CMO of Pearle Vision.

During his tenure at Pearle, Doug played a pivotal part in transforming the brand by shifting its focus from transactional discounts to building exceptional eye care experiences. His prior ventures took him from the youth and entertainment division of Gray Advertising, to a stint at Avon, and later spearheading the launch of the Victoria’s Secret Pink brand nationally.

During their conversation, Zarkin emphasizes the importance of building long-lasting relationships with consumers and positioning brands for long-term success. Zarkin encourages marketers to embrace their own path in marketing and let go of the fear of doing things differently. Instead of focusing on the right way, he advises marketers to focus on what truly matters and tap into the magic of their brands. By leading through listening and uncovering valuable insights, marketers can develop strong, love-based relationships between brands and consumers.

Zarkin also discusses his upcoming book, which explores strategies to strengthen the brand value equation and move brands out of the friend zone.

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Host: Top Retail Influencer Simeon Siegel
Produced by Gabriella Bock
Research by: Maggie Schwenn