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Retailer Tech Tips – Revolutionizing Retail Through Digital and Social Experiences

In this latest episode of Retail Tech Tips, we delve into a pressing topic for retailers: digitizing the in-store experience. With eCommerce sales projected to surpass $1 trillion in the US by 2024, the landscape is rapidly evolving. While brick-and-mortar retail still dominates, adapting is crucial to stay relevant. The challenge lies in merging the personalization and convenience of eCommerce with the experientialism of in-store shopping.

Join host Hitha Herzog, Chief Retail Analyst at H Squared Research, in conversation with industry experts Michele Fisher, Director of Business Strategy at Microsoft, and Ben Amchin, Senior Retail Consultant at Sunrise Technologies, as we tackle the broad question of how to approach digital transformation.

Our experts share insights to guide retailers in prioritizing the essentials of ongoing digital transformations. Discover the available support and resources that can pave the way for a successful and seamless transition.

This episode of Retail Therapy is made possible by our partners, Adobe and Sunrise Technologies.

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