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Gaurav Patel, Senior Director of Engineering – Store Experience at H-E-B

In an industry where technology and consumer preferences evolve at a breakneck pace, staying ahead requires not just innovation, but a deep understanding of the forces shaping the future of retail. This is the focus of our latest RETHINK Retail Podcast episode, where host Christine Russo sits down with Gaurav Patel, Senior Director of Engineering – Store Experience at H-E-B, to explore the technological advancements and strategic initiatives propelling H-E-B, a leader in the grocery sector, into the future. Patel shares his insights on everything from the impact of the pandemic on accelerating digital adoption to the role of sustainability in modern retail operations.

Listeners will gain a comprehensive view of the current state and future directions of grocery retail, including the emerging technologies poised to make the most profound impact, H-E-B’s approach to innovation and sustainability, and valuable advice for professionals aspiring to drive change in the industry.

Thanks to Cognizant for sponsoring this insightful episode! Their support enables us to bring these valuable conversations to you, shedding light on the innovative strategies and technologies that are transforming retail.

Tune in to this episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast for an inspiring look at how H-E-B is redefining excellence in the grocery industry through innovation and a commitment to quality and service.