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Jamshed Mughal, SVP & Global Head of Strategy and Services at Marigold

In this episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast, Top Retail Expert Brandon Rael sits down with Jamshed Mughal, SVP and Global Head of Strategy & Services at Marigold.

Joining live at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2024, Mughal is a seasoned expert in Mar tech and relationship marketing solutions, bringing an abundance of experience to the table.

With a strong focus on driving customer loyalty and personalized brand experiences, Mughal has been instrumental in leading Marigold to deliver cutting-edge marketing technology and professional services for over 40,000 brands and organizations worldwide.

His insights and innovative strategies have played a pivotal role in Marigold’s evolution from single-channel to multichannel and omnichannel experiences, emphasizing the importance of hyper-personalization at scale while navigating privacy and cybersecurity challenges.

With an impressive track record in the industry, Mughal’s expertise is sure to provide valuable insights into the ever-changing landscape of relationship marketing solutions for brands.

“Brands need to think about their customers as people first and not just as customers or buyers. And we should do more to encourage or engage in a more relevant and contextually relevant way over time.” – Jamshed Mughal

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

Marigold’s Engage Plus platform – A sophisticated enterprise omnichannel messaging platform designed to activate marketing-focused growth plans and facilitate long-lasting customer engagement and loyalty. This platform is highly configurable and supported by Marigold’s services organization with deep industry and use case expertise. To learn more, visit: meetmarigold.com/solution/marigold-engage-plus/

Marigold’s Engage Express platforms – These platforms offer intuitive omnichannel solutions built for specific verticals such as SMB use cases, agencies, higher education, nonprofit, and franchises. They are ideal for organizations looking for turnkey solutions that deliver personalized marketing campaigns with the highest ROI. For more information, visit: meetmarigold.com/solution/marigold-engage-express/

Marigold’s Grow platform – This platform allows marketers to easily capture zero party data and consumer preferences through customizable interactive experiences. It serves as an audience builder tool and is designed to drive continuous profile enrichment and segmentation for targeted marketing. To learn more, visit: meetmarigold.com/solution/marigold-grow/

Marigold’s Loyalty platform – A robust, flexible platform natively integrated into Engage Plus and Engage platforms. It allows marketers to continuously optimize messaging and loyalty programs using the same data, driving repeat purchase, increased frequency, retention, and growth of the client’s customers.To learn more, visit: meetmarigold.com/solution/marigold-loyalty/

Marigold’s Live Content powered by Liveclicker – A dynamic, real-time personalization tool that natively integrates. To learn more, visit: meetmarigold.com/solution/marigold-livecontent/

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Hosted by Brandon Rael
Produced by Gabriella Bock
Research by Maggie Schwenn