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Daniel Lundh, Founder of Lifvs and Storekey

This episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast was recorded live at Groceryshop 2022 on Sept. 19, 2022.

In this episode, host James Tenser is joined by Daniel Lundh, founder of Lifvs and Storekey.

Launched in 2018, Lifvs is a supermarket startup that has deployed 19 autonomous, shipping container-sized grocery stores throughout Sweden. With reduced staff and overhead costs, the Stockholm-based company supplies fresh food, dairy and produce to small communities where full sized grocery stores have historically struggled to remain profitable.

James and Daniel had a candid conversation about the state of grocery in Sweden and how Lifvs is bringing fresh food to remote regions throughout the country, as well as why Lundh believes having an autonomous option will be imperative for brick-and-mortar retailers in the years to come.

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