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Mark Messing, VP of Digital Experience & Loyalty at Domino’s Pizza

Tech is the Secret Ingredient: How Domino’s Became a Tech Company Serving Pizza

In this episode of the RETHINK Retail podcast, Top Retail Expert Melissa Minkow sits down with Mark Messing, Vice President of Digital Experience and Loyalty at Domino’s Pizza, to dive into the evolving landscape of retail and customer experience.

Discover how Domino’s Pizza is not just a pizza company anymore, but a tech disruptor in the retail space. Their digital transformation secrets and innovative loyalty rewards programs will leave you rethinking the future of retail. Uncover the unexpected strategies that are revolutionizing the industry and learn how AI is shaping personalized shopping experiences.

Melissa highlights the importance of quality, price, and convenience from CINT’s report, while Mark shares Domino’s innovative strategies like pinpoint delivery and a new rewards program. They explore the role of AI in personalizing experiences, underlining the need to balance technology with customer-centric values. This episode offers essential insights for retail and marketing professionals on adapting to consumer expectations and technological shifts in retail.

“I think it’s just really important for technology to focus on those things that matter to the customer and figure out how you win in those areas.” – Mark Messing

Stay tuned to find out how Domino’s is making pizza night magic and keeping customers coming back for more.

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Hosted by Melissa Minkow
Produced by Fritz Finlay