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Raj Ramanan, CEO of Axlehire

“What I love about AxleHire is that it has an incredibly high product market fit for eCommerce brands. That fit has led to nine years of growth at 70% CAGR. We love our customers, and our customers love us.” – Raj Ramanan, CEO 

In this episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast, Trevor Sumner, Raydiant‘s Head of AI and Innovation sits down with Raj Ramanan, CEO of AxleHire, during #NRF 2024 to delve into how next-level delivery services can bolster an online retailer’s brand and help retain customers.

Trevor and Raj unravel how a superior delivery experience can elevate customer loyalty and dig into the connection between reliable, fast deliveries and long term customer relationships. Discover how AxleHire‘s commitment to seamless, rapid, and top-quality delivery solutions promises to redefine your shipping approach – without costing more.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

* To learn more about Axlehire, visit axlehire.com

* Connect with us on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/rethink-industries/

* For more retail insights visit www.rethink.industries

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