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Retail Rundown – Welcome to 2021: Predictions for the Year Ahead

Hello, Happy New Year, and welcome to 2021—a year that will forever be known as “The year after 2020.”

On today’s episode, we’ll hear from thought leaders including three of our retailer friends, an Automotive executive, and three retail technology experts about their vision for 2021.

Today’s guests include John Boline from Starbucks, TheRealReal’s Courtney Hawkins, Wolfgang Hoffmann from Jaguar Land Rover Canada, and Dan Goldman, who recently joined Gap after a noteworthy stint at The North Face.

We’ll also hear from innovative retail solution providers, such as AiFi, a company that’s turning physical stores into checkout-free experiences; Level10, a company that helps retailers do more with fewer partners by procuring, deploying and maintaining IT equipment; and Zebra Technologies, a software analytics provider that helps to empower the front line in retail and e-commerce.

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Hosted by Julia Raymond Hare; Written and produced by Gabriella Bock; Edited by Trenton Waller; Social media by Natalie Arana