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Retail Therapy: Gymshark – with Ian Scott, Melissa Minkow, Andrew Smith, and Carl Boutet

Welcome to Retail Therapy, a RETHINK Retail exclusive Podcast series where we examine retailers that have a unique history, are making innovative changes to their business model, or are overcoming challenges in order to stay relevant in this highly competitive landscape. 

Join host Ian Scott and RETHINK Retail’s Top Retail Influencers Andrew Smith, Carl Boutet, and Melissa Minkow as they uncover Gymshark’s incredible journey from a UK garage startup to a global fitness apparel sensation. Renowned for its sleek designs, innovative fabrics, and a strong connection with its community, it has masterfully blended the realms of gym-wear and streetwear. By fostering partnerships with influential fitness personalities and leveraging social media platforms, this brand has cemented its position as a cult favorite among fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

This episode of Retail Therapy is brought to you by the Retail Cloud Alliance, Sunrise Technologies, and Blue Yonder! 

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