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Retail Therapy: LEGO – with Andrew Smith, Casey Golden, & Brandon Rael

Welcome to Retail Therapy, a RETHINK Retail exclusive Podcast series where we examine retailers that have a unique history, are making innovative changes to their business model, or are overcoming challenges to stay relevant in this highly competitive landscape.

This week, we’re stepping into a realm filled with nostalgia, a world that started in a quaint Danish workshop and grew into an icon in every child’s playroom and adult’s memory.

Think back to those tiny, colorful bricks that clicked together to create everything from castles to spaceships, sparking endless hours of creativity and fun. It’s a brand that’s not just about play; it’s about the joy of building and the thrill of bringing imagination to life. From inspiring movies to thrilling theme parks, this brand has been a magical part of our childhood and continues to capture hearts across the globe.

That’s right – this week, we’re talking about LEGO.