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Retail Therapy: Toys “R” Us – Andrew Smith, Sucharita Kodali, and Shelley E. Kohan

Welcome to Retail Therapy, a RETHINK Retail exclusive Podcast series where we explore the dynamic world of retail.

We delve into the stories of retailers with a rich history, those forging innovative paths in their business models, and those overcoming formidable challenges to thrive in the fiercely competitive retail landscape.

Join host Andrew Smith as he engages in insightful discussions with renowned industry experts, top retail influencers Shelley E. Kohan and Sucharita Kodali. Together, they unravel the remarkable journey of a retail giant, Toys “R” Us.

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the iconic brand’s timeline – from its humble beginnings in 1948 to its global success, bankruptcy, and triumphant resurgence in 2023. Gain invaluable insights into the retail industry’s transformation, eCommerce’s impact, and the secrets behind Toys “R” Us’s astonishing comeback.

This episode of Retail Therapy is made possible by our partners, Retail Cloud Alliance, Adobe, Blue Yonder, and Amperity.

Tune in and join us for a retail adventure that’s sure to inspire, educate, and empower you to rethink the possibilities in retail.

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