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Retailer Tech Tips: An Introduction with Hitha Herzog, Kevin Castillo and Sue McMahon

We’re thrilled to drop our inaugural episode, hosted by Hitha Herzog, National Retail Expert, Keynote Speaker, Analyst, Retail Industry Truthteller, Board Advisor, and Chief Retail Analyst at H Squared Research.

In this episode, tech maestros Sue McMahon, Director of Worldwide Retail and Consumer Goods Partner Strategy at Microsoft, and Kevin Castillo, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Alliances at Quisitive, dive deep into the cloud’s pivotal role in the retail revolution.

Gain valuable insights into how the cloud is reshaping the future of retail, prompting business leaders to recognize and harness its advantages.

This episode of Retail Therapy is made possible by our partners, Retail Cloud Alliance, Quisitive, and Microsoft.

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