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Sean Folkson, Founder & CEO Of Nightfood

In this episode, join RETHINK Retail’s Fritz Finlay, as he delves into the captivating journey of Sean Folkson, the visionary behind Nightfood, a snack brand that’s revolutionizing the way we indulge in midnight cravings.

As a self-proclaimed nighttime snacker himself, Sean experienced firsthand the struggle of finding wholesome snack options that wouldn’t disrupt his sleep. Recognizing this unmet need, he set out to create a range of healthier, sleep-friendly snacks that would not only satisfy taste buds but also promote a good night’s rest.

Tune in as Sean shares his insights into the challenges faced in establishing a snack brand that challenges the status quo and aims to educate consumers. Discover how Night Food strives to empower individuals with knowledge and offer them a range of better snack options that won’t leave them tossing and turning all night.

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