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Stacy All, Vice President of Product Design at Wish.com

In this episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast, host Gabriella Bock sits down with Stacy All, Vice President of Product Design at Wish.com.

Stacy All has more than 20 years of experience in consumer-centered design and experience, and she has led initiatives at NEC, Yahoo, and Walmart eCommerce. With a proven reputation for cultivating enjoyable experiences in the e-commerce space, Stacy joined Wish in June of 2022 as VP of Product Design.

Shortly after Stacy joined Wish, the company launched its first rebrand since its founding in 2010, introducing a new bold and playful aesthetic, new logo, and mission statement, “Bargains made fun, discovery made easy.”

Listen in as we explore the role of discovery retail, product design, shoppable videos, and keeping up with trend cycles.

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Host: Gabriella Bock
Produced by Gabriella Bock
Research by Maggie Schwenn