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Accelerated Retail: The Power of a Connected Supply Chain

Are you ready to revolutionize your understanding of the supply chain? Join us as we unveil the secrets behind the logistics, operations, and decision making retailers need to make in order to up their supply chain game. Tune in to discover the keys to transforming in 2024!

“One of the more recent developments with supply chain is all around forecasting, getting more accurate, being able to better predict using all the data that you have and leveraging prescriptive analytics and AI.” – Ricardo Belmar, Director Partner Marketing for Retail & Consumer Goods at Microsoft.

In this episode of Accelerated Retail, we are featured by Microsoft‘s best thought leaders, including Jose Luis Ortiz, Ricardo Belmar, Shelley Bransten, and Gartner’s Sandeep Unni as we discuss the significant impact of AI and tech-driven supply chain optimization in retail business.

With supply chain management facing escalating complexities, it’s crucial for retailers to establish effective strategies from the outset. Fortunately, cloud technology is here to provide the right environment for a strong data foundation and end-to-end transparency.

Tune in to discover valuable insights on:

  • Technologies such as RFID and IoT-based devices that enable retailers to track inventory more effectively.
  • Data migration to the cloud to leverage AI technologies and improve operational efficiency.
  • Importance of an agile supply chain infrastructure to meet today’s customer demands.

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