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Tiago Quaresma, Managing Director Of The Fantastic World Of Sardines

In this episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast, Tiago Quaresma takes us on a journey through The Fantastic World of Sardines.

Host Oliver Banks sits down with Tiago Quaresma, a visionary retailer who serves as the managing director of the Fantastic World of Sardines, a unique retail concept with 45 stores across Portugal.

Tiago is a master of storytelling in retail, turning the centuries-old tradition of Portuguese sardine-making into an immersive experience for customers. His commitment to social sustainability and fair treatment of every individual within the supply chain has set a new standard in the industry.

As the brand continues to expand, with plans to enter the US market, Tiago remains dedicated to sharing the rich history and stories behind his products with the world.

This episode of the RETHINK Retail Podcast was recorded live at the Retail Technology Show in London, U.K.

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Hosted by: Top Retail Influencer Oliver Banks
Produced by: Gabriella Bock
Research by Maggie Schwenn