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Tom Erskine, CEO at One Door

Join guest host and Top Retail Influencer, DeAnn Campbell, and the dynamic CEO of One Door, Tom Erskine, as they dive into the thrilling world of in-store success, operational efficiency, and sales in the retail industry.

Discover how retailers can keep their products front and center in the most effective and profitable way using cutting-edge sensors and analytics. Embrace the exciting future of in-store experiences, where technology seamlessly blends online and offline channels to create unforgettable moments for shoppers.

Listen in as Tom shares essential insights on the “table stakes” of in-store analytics and how One Door’s powerful platform revolutionizes the game.

From newbie retailers seeking a head start to established brands wanting to leverage in-store sensing, Tom unveils the key steps for success and how One Door’s platform supports retailers every step of the way!

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Host: Top Retail Influencer DeAnn Campbell
Produced by: Emily Manuel
Research by: Maggie Schwenn