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Tom Nolan, CEO of Kendra Scott

In this episode, guest host Carol Spieckerman sits down with Tom Nolan, CEO of Kendra Scott, the billion-dollar fashion and lifestyle brand launched by namesake designer and former CEO Kendra Scott, who continues to lead the brand’s design, customer experience and philanthropic efforts.

Prior to joining Kendra Scott, Tom held senior roles at Ralph Lauren, Conde Nast and as the Founder and CEO of Prospect Brands.

During his conversation with Carol, Tom shares his continued vision for the brand and how Kendra Scott is preparing for the future, as well as how the company navigated around past supply chain and inventory challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Tom also shares a peek into how this year’s holiday shopping season is shaping up for Kendra Scott—plus a look into a few of the brand’s recent partnerships, including a collaboration with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions to help men buy better gifts, as well as an exciting collaboration with none other than Barbie herself.

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