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Vinod Bidarkoppa, SVP of Technology at Sam’s Club

Our guest this week is Vinod Bidarkoppa.

Vinod is the Senior Vice President of Technology at Sam’s Club, where he is responsible for the strategic direction and management of all of Sam’s Club Technology and global teams.

Vinod is a proven leader with nearly 25 years of global technology expertise, working across omnichannel retail, healthcare, and the airline industry.

Prior to joining Sam’s Club, Vinod served as the Senior Vice President of Technology at UnitedHealth Group, where he was responsible for leading global teams to define and execute Healthcare Digital Transformation Agenda initiatives.

Join us as Vinod reveals how Sam’s Club rolled out its new Concierge Service in just six days, how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way Sam’s Club thinks about innovation, and the greatest challenges facing retailers when it comes to implementing digital initiatives.

Episode 82  of RETHINK Retail was recorded on June 05, 2020. 


Hosted by Julia Raymond
Researched, written and produced by Gabriella Bock
Edited by Trenton Waller