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Retail Cloud Alliance

Transforming the Future of Retail

About the Retail Cloud Alliance

The Retail Cloud Alliance (RCA) brings together innovators and experts who are making strides in retail technology and transforming the way retailers conduct business. Using proven solutions and insights, the RCA is a proven resource retail executives turn to while enhancing operations and the customer experience. Embedded in the Alliance are two focus groups: Retail Analytics (Data Insights and Logistics) & Retail Experience (Customer Journey and Workforce Empowerment), both of which cover a wide range of expertise to help you reimagine retail.

Thought Leadership Content

Subject Matter Experts from the RCA routinely participate and contribute insights on RETHINK Retail’s Retail Therapy podcast and our Modern Customer Journey and Retail Analytics video series. You can also stay up-to-date with the latest by subscribing to the newsletter below!


Retail Experience

Customer Journey and Workforce Empowerment 

RCA Retail Analytics specialists uncover valuable data insights and analytics that transform the customer experience and optimize operations through the power of data.


Retail Analytics

Data Insights and Logistics

RCA Retail Experience experts shed light on ways to enhance the customer journey through elevated shopping experiences and empower workforces with modern tools and technologies.

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