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Shoptalk Vegas 2024 Highlights

RETHINK Retail headed of to Las Vegas to attend Shoptalk 2024. Check out the highlights and stay tuned for more insights and fresh takes from the show.

AiR Conference Recap

AI in Retail Trends

Latest news from AI in Retail (AiR) Spotlight Sessions at Shoptalk 2024 in Las Vegas. This comprehensive recap captures key takeaways from companies that are leading retail’s GenAI revolution. 

RETHINK Retail Bash

Review the best retail party at Shoptalk Vegas 2024 and discover why RETHINK Retail events are a must-see for anyone in retail! ✨

Retail Cloud Alliance The Retail Cloud Alliance facilitates quick, seamless cloud adoption for retailers, enhancing their operational capabilities.

Explore key insights on AI and cloud technology for supply chain optimization in retail, celebrating key figures like Jason Knell (Adobe), Jen Lee & Danielle Estrada (Microsoft), and Shannon Wu-Lebron & Dave Hamilton (Blue Yonder) for driving this transformative change.


Amy Darlison-Lee, Shoptalk, & Ashley McDonell, Puig

Tune in to hear Amy and Ashley share their innovative strategies for transforming the trade show experience. Discover their preparation journey for Shoptalk Vegas and get a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon for Shoptalk Europe.

Shoptalk Vegas 2024 Highlights – Experience the event

Get prepared for Shoptalk Europe!