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Checkout-Free Grocery: Choice Market Store Tour

Learn how Choice Market added a frictionless option to their new location!

Join RETHINK’s own Julia Raymond Hare on a tour of the new hybrid store, with Choice CEO Mike Fogarty as your guide. Get an overview on how autonomous shopping works, and meet Thomas Knox, director of product for AiFi, the company making it possible.

Check out our full report on how AiFi is disrupting the retail scene, or listen to our podcast interview with AiFi here.


Julia Raymond Hare:
Hi, everyone. I’m Julia Raymond Hare, Editor-in-Chief of RETHINK Retail, here with Mike Fogarty.

Mike Fogarty:
Hey, how’s it going?

Julia Raymond Hare:
Mike is the CEO and Co-Founder of Choice Market, an amazing high-tech grocery store here in Denver, Colorado. I’ll let Mike tell you a little bit about the features, and then we’ll show you how it works.

Mike Fogarty:
Yeah. Welcome to Choice Market, Bannock. This is our flagship location. It’s the first store to feature our frictionless checkout experience called Choice Now, where you scan a QR code, grab your products and go. We partnered with AiFi who’s based in Silicon Valley. And in this store, we have about 230 cameras not only tracking customers that check in here, but the products they take off the shelf. Combining that into their basket in the Choice app. So they just make their choice and go, and they’ll get their receipt in a few minutes.

Thomas Knox:
Hi, my name is Thomas Knox. I’m the Director of Product here at AiFi. What we do is we transform a physical environment into a digital space, allowing people to take things off the shelf, and having an autonomous store.

Julia Raymond Hare:
The premise here at Choice Market in Denver is that you have the choice as a customer to check out any way you want. You can come in, pick out your things, the cameras on the ceilings will see what you’re picking, and what you’re picking and maybe putting back. You decide you don’t want that big plant for whatever reason, and then you walk out the door and the cameras can charge you within seconds to minutes of walking out.

Mike Fogarty:
We’re seeing a lot of great adoption. Folks that are coming in two or three times a week using Choice Now. Overall, we’re seeing orders per day increase, adoption increase, basket size increase. So these are all the reasons why we implemented the technology. And then we’re seeing it come to fruition here.