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Dream Stores: San Francisco

Retail all across America is changing. And today’s best retailers are rethinking the status quo as they transform their physical stores into spaces worth dreaming about. To gain a better understanding of how and why stores are evolving, RETHINK Retail traveled to the center of where retail transformation is taking place: San Francisco, California.

While in town, we caught up with our friends at Salesforce and took them on a tour of the most innovative retail stores in the city. Follow along our journey as we dive deep into the rise and prominence of retail in San Francisco and discover some of the nation’s best-designed stores as we visit:

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  • Produced & Directed by Gabriella Bock
  • Narrated by Gabriella Bock
  • Edited by Connor Bock
  • Cinematography by Phillip Wyers & Antwon Rollins
  • with Host Ron Thurston

Special Thanks:

  • Loic Chaboud
  • Lena Olivier
  • Rob Garf
  • Brooke Johnson

Additional footage supplied by

  • San Francisco Historical Society
  • Storyblocks
  • Prelinger Archives
  • San Francisco Public Library