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Exclusive Interview with Georgia Leybourne, CMO at Linnworks

Recorded live at Shoptalk Europe, the RETHINK Retail team sat down with Georgia Leybourne, the Chief Marketing Officer of Linnworks to learn about marketplace trends and the evolving shopping habits of consumers. 

In this insightful interview, Georgia discusses the key trends observed at Shoptalk Europe and in the broader retail landscape. She explains how there is a significant shift towards online retailing and selling on marketplaces, driven by consumer habits. In January, Linnworks conducted research that showed 51% of consumers who were interviewed said they would buy from a marketplace rather than from the online presence.  

Georgia also addresses the challenges of managing multiple marketplaces and emphasizes the importance of differentiation in a highly competitive environment. She offers practical advice for retailers on standing out and succeeding in this complex landscape. “Linnworks is all about helping retailers connect to multi-channels with a single view of inventory,” states Georgia. By leveraging Linnworks’ robust platform, retailers can effectively manage their multi-channel sales strategies and gain a competitive edge.

Looking towards the future, Georgia shares her vision for the future of marketplace commerce. She highlights emerging trends and technologies that will shape the industry, offering valuable insights for brands and consumers alike. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert insights from one of the industry’s leading voices. Watch the full interview with Georgia, CMO of Linnworks, to learn more about the future of retail and how your business can stay ahead of the curve.

About Linnworks

Linnworks is a leading Connected CommerceOps platform dedicated to helping retailers connect, automate, and scale their operations from a single source of truth. 

With seamless integration across various marketplaces, Linnworks simplifies processes and centralizes the management of listings, inventory, orders, and shipments. Serving over 4,000 customers and processing $15 billion GMV annually, Linnworks has a proven track record of aiding small and medium-sized e-commerce retailers in streamlining operations, driving new revenue, and exceeding customer expectations.