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Exploring the AI Revolution in LATAM

Welcome to the latest episode of our exclusive AI in Retail mini-series, produced in collaboration with Microsoft and IHL Group. In this episode, we explore the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in the Latin American retail sector.

Discover how AI is revolutionizing operations in LATAM with insights from Greg Buzek, Founder, President, and Principal Analyst of IHL Group, and Hayan Ortega, Regional Sales Director: LATAM Retail, CPG, Energy, Manufacturing at Microsoft.

From enhancing customer experiences to optimizing supply chains, this episode sheds light on the unique challenges and opportunities Latin American retailers face as they adopt AI technologies.

Gain valuable insights from IHL’s comprehensive report on AI’s global economic impact and uncover the future of retail in LATAM with RETHINK Retail. Our discussion covers:

  • The potential $520 billion benefits for LATAM retailers by the end of the decade.
  • Key segments that will benefit the most from AI, including hypermarkets, grocery, and pure-play e-commerce.
  • The critical importance of clean, accurate data for successful AI deployment.
  • Practical steps for retailers to start leveraging AI technologies effectively.

Whether you are a senior executive or a key decision-maker in the retail industry, this episode offers actionable insights and strategies to help you navigate the future of retail in Latin America.

Stay tuned and don’t miss this opportunity to transform your retail operations with AI. Follow us on LinkedIn for more updates and episodes.

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