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Full Webinar: ‘Tomorrow’s Storefronts: Retail Trends Shaping the Next Era of Stores’ with Placer.Ai

Join us for a deep dive into the future of retail with our recorded session featuring top industry experts who unpack the transformative trends poised to redefine the retail landscape in 2024 and beyond.

Hosted by Melissa Minkow, Director of Retail Strategy at CI&T, this webinar brings together Ethan Chernofsky of Placer.ai, Gary Newbury, a seasoned supply chain strategist, and Courtney Radke from SageNet to explore the integration of cutting-edge technologies and strategic innovations in retail operations.

Key Learnings:

  • Evolving Omnichannel Strategies: Gain insights into the latest developments in omnichannel retailing. Learn how traditional and digital selling channels are being fused to create seamless customer experiences, with particular emphasis on how data analytics and customer feedback drive these strategies.
  • Enhancing Associate Experiences: Understand the crucial role of retail associates in delivering enhanced customer service. The panel discusses innovative training and technology support that empower associates to deliver exceptional service, thereby increasing job satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Strategic Investment and Competitive Advantage: The experts provide guidance on where retailers should focus their investments to stay competitive. This includes leveraging technology to improve supply chain efficiency, optimizing store layouts, and embracing sustainable practices that appeal to today’s eco-conscious consumer.
  • Future Projections and Retail Innovation: The webinar concludes with a forward-looking perspective on the technologies and consumer behaviors driving the next evolution of retail spaces, including personalized shopping experiences and the integration of digital tools in physical stores.

This webinar is a must-watch for retail professionals seeking to understand the dynamics of modern retail and how to strategically position their businesses for success in an increasingly competitive market. Whether you’re a small retailer or part of a large conglomerate, the insights offered here will help you navigate the complexities of today’s retail environment and plan for a profitable future.

Special thanks to Placer.ai for making this webinar possible. To learn more, visit www.placer.ai

Watch the full webinar playback now to make sure your retail strategies are aligned with the cutting-edge trends shaping the future of the industry.