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Groceryshop 2021 Solution Spotlight: ChannelAdvisor

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on ChannelAdvisor, a leading multichannel commerce platform whose mission is to connect and optimize the world’s commerce.

For over two decades, ChannelAdvisor has helped brands and retailers worldwide improve their online performance by expanding sales channels, connecting with consumers across the entire buying cycle, optimizing their operations for peak performance, and providing actionable analytics to improve competitiveness.

To learn more about ChannelAdvisor, visit: www.channeladvisor.com

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Adam Clay:

E-commerce continues to fragment. Where there’s more channels, there’s more places to sell, there’s more places to advertise, and you have to be everywhere at all times. And as more and more of that fragments, the challenge of being able to optimize, invest and grow all those channels simultaneously is incredibly difficult.

So the way that we help our clients solve those issues, it really starts understanding that every channel, so that could be an advertising channel, a social channel, or a retail channel, a content channel, YouTube video, has specific requirements on how to win and how, first of all, to be compliant with their platform, but then strategies for each platform on how to win.

So what we do is we actually aggregate and think of ChannelAdvisor as a hub where you can manage every channel using just one interface. So we’ve already built the connections. We already have the templates and the requirements mapped out. And then we also have tools to help you succeed, to beat the competition at scale. So think of it managing a hundred different channels all at once, where they all have different requirements when it comes to content different methods and strategies for advertising and ChannelAdvisor being able to automate those systems and those operations all at once.

So a few of the differentiators for ChannelAdvisor is, and it’s actually some of the less romantic things that our marketing team doesn’t talk about is, being an established company, we’ve been around for 20 years, we have an enormous services organization. So while we are a technology first company, we invest heavily in people so that our clients have someone they can call when they need them.

Well, the only other thing I think I would add to that is unlike most of the companies we compete against, we are a platform and we are global. So two of those things, meaning platform that has multiple solutions. So for every solution, we have a smattering of competitors that do that one thing, and they usually do it pretty well. And so a lot of companies come to us and say, we need this all in one place. We need to have an economy of scale with cost as well as efficiencies. But then also we’re not just talking about selling in US, the second biggest e-commerce market. We’re talking about, we need to sell in 100 countries, and all the fragmentation that comes with that and ChannelAdvisor is best positioned for that.