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Industry Insider: Chris Silver, Global VP of Brand Technology at MAC Cosmetics

We caught up with Chris Silver, Global VP of Brand Technology at MAC Cosmetics, to discuss how intelligence technology can help retailers create better relationships with consumers.  

Learn more about the emerging role of technology in the beauty sector and check out the full podcast interview here.


Chris Silver:

There’s a story for everything. You can’t just have point solutions in the store. It has to do something. It has to mean something.

I think the biggest thing is, how do we set ourselves up to be more personalized, to be more dynamic, to use intelligence technology, not for creating a sale, but for creating a better relationship with the consumer?

I think there’s definitely still discovery going on. It’s just changed

It’s using social, it’s using all this interactive, augmented reality technology. It’s mixed with, okay I understand what your preferences are, take a look at this. Or maybe for the day you want to dial up to something, more of your personality because you’re feeling a bit more daring or you have a big event coming up.

I think it’s going to expand the way that we engage with the consumer.