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Industry Insider: Josh Shabtai, Sr. Director of Ecosystem at Lowe’s Innovation Labs

We caught up with Josh Shabtai, Sr. Director of Ecosystem at Lowe’s Innovation Labs, to discuss the recently launched Lowe’s For Pros JobSIGHT tool that allows Pros to remotely engage with customers without having to enter their homes.

Learn more about the augmented video chat service and check out the full podcast interview here.


Josh Shabtai:
So, we are the innovation center for Lowe’s. We’re part of a technology organization. We explore a variety of emerging and exponential technologies.

So, spatial computing, mixed reality, robotics, new methods of manufacturing, a variety of other things that maybe just aren’t being considered for retail. So, we have a wide purview.

A big part of what we were seeing over the past few months is that your average customer may not be as comfortable having someone they don’t know come to their home. But sometimes you got to have someone come to your home.

So, we launched something a couple of months ago and it’s called Lowe’s for Pros JobSIGHT. It’s an augmented video chat tool that is basically accessible to anyone with a smartphone. No app download needed, it’s web- based, and it lets pros conduct remote home visits but with a series of tools that almost makes it like they were there.

And so we look for those kinds of opportunities to rethink and we’re looking for ways to basically just deliver on what customers need.