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Live from eTail Boston 2023: Sabrina Callahan, secrets behind Sam’s Club’s

While at eTail™ Boston, RETHINK Retail’s Chief Community Officer, Kirat Anand sat down with Sabrina Callahan VP of E-commerce at Sam’s Club

Get ready to discover the secrets behind Sam’s Club’s amazing $60 billion brand. 🌟 Sabrina Callahan reveals their impressive growth in online shopping, membership, and revenue. 🛍️ Learn how they use data to understand what customers like and how to get them to shop online more often.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Gain knowledge about the blueprint of Sam’s Club’s extraordinary $60 billion brand.
  • Dig deep into the significant growth records in e-commerce, membership, and operation revenue.
  • Inspect why a significant proportion of Sam’s Club’s digital shoppers are members.
  • Decipher the utility of data analysis to decipher customer tendencies.
  • Find out ways to boost the regularity of online shopping and customer involvement.