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Live from NRF: Craig Hewitt, Chief Operating Officer at The Paper Store

Dive into retail innovation at NRF 2024 with us! We’re excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Craig Hewitt, COO of The Paper Store where we discuss their transformation towards enhancing the customer journey through the implementation of Jumpmind’s mobile-first POS Solution. 

In a retail world where efficiency and support are paramount, Craig highlights the transformative impact of creating an employee-friendly environment, which not only enhances the customer journey but sets new benchmarks for retail success.

Craig shares a compelling insight into the obstacles they faced: “Having to go through different applications on different devices to do one task was so labor intensive for our employees, but also a frustrating experience for our customers…” This honest reflection introduces the game-changing benefits of the mobile-first POS Solution.

Hear how The Paper Store tackled these challenges by embracing this advanced, store-centric technology, leading to streamlined operations, empowered employees, and satisfied customers.